Cheoah Dam in Cherohala Skyway in North Carolina, USA

Robbinsville, North Carolina, USA - October 26, 2009: Cheoah Dam is a hydroelectric power generation system located on the boarder of Graham and Swain Counties of North Carolina. The dam and a powerhouse is on the Little Tennessee River and was constructed by the Tallassee Power Company, who later changed their name to Tapoco. The project began in 1916 at the site where the Little Tennessee River flows through a narrow gorge (called "The Narrows") and was finally completed in 1919. Cheoah Reservoir is a long and narrow section that consists of the approximately 644 acres of the full pool area and a drainage area of about 1,608 square miles. The reservoir's elevation is at approximately 1,276.8 feet. The National Scenic Byway called Cherohala Skyway runs nearby. The nearest town to the complex is Robbinsville, North Carolina, USA.